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Interior and Exterior Railings.

In this blog post I'm looking back on this past year and the several interior and exterior railings that were fabricated and installed. Railings serve a critical role in safety of the user while being able be a potential creative accent. In most cases a clean design proves less is more in my opinion.

The first set is a basement interior handrail for both the right and left side of the stairs. This family has a newborn and young one crawling around so a sturdy and clean design was a must. The color is really unique with a Anodized Bronze Matte finish. Clearance was an issue around the ceiling getting the railings plum to stair walls so an angled handrail was a must. I think it looks really sleek!

Another project entailed some exterior front railings that were lagged into the concrete. This clients home had recently had an exterior makeover so what better way to complete the look than with a set of railings? These were finished out in a Satin White powder coated finish.

This interior space needed some modern design elements to accompany all of the work the home owners had put into it. It was calling for some railing work and posed some challenges. This piece would have to bolt together in such a way that the split level Ranch home still was seamless. After some onsite adjustments it really came together! Made in a Satin Black powder coated finish.

Last but not least was this set of exterior handrails that the client needed for our icy winters. Installed securely into the concrete these Gray powder coated railings will last a lifetime!

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