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Website update.

This time of year with the seasons change has always had a place in my heart. The robust color charged by foliage that emits scents so strong, alluding to a colder climate to come. It also reminds me of several subscriptions which help promote Nickel City Metal Works. Notifications from vendors seep into my inbox reminding me of a renewal for their services rendered; a colorful array of notes much like the leaves transmitting their time has come to be renewed.

This website, blog and information source is one of those important features. I must admit, not updating the website since October of 2018 wouldn't suggest such importance however because of this domain many inquires have lead to promising opportunities.

The main focus for promoting Nickel City Metal Works has been using Instagram and Facebook, which can be seen @nickelcitymetalworks, however I would like to spread this content evenly.

This blog update this afternoon is with confidence a motion to update this domain with more content that is relevant with passion. Instead of nagging renewal notifications how about proactive creative expressions. It always feels to me that once it's written and expressed to the ether, a motivation through goals gains odds of it's fruition tenfold. May my words this morning inspire you to create today, tomorrow and always.

Thank you for your time reading this, and more to come.

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